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V85 TT Information Craig Hennessey·Donnerstag, 26. November 2020·
Update: 20. Januar 2021

Some links will take you to the Adventure Rider Forum & others will take you elsewhere. FB is supposed to disable creating new documents, so this list may not get updated

Various V85 TT Links saved before I purchased my 2020 V85 TT Travel & after scouring the BIG V85 TT Thread

NOTE: Some Links may change, but the information should help with a Google Search 📷

Moto Guzzi V85 TT Rock(s) ‚N‘ Road(s)

Interview with Marco Lambri

V85 TT Thread from The Beginning

Moto Guzzi v85 tt photography and musings

Recall Information (PDF)

Software Updates (Current as of 10/31/202)

Moto Guzzi Forums

Guzzi Tech
Wild Guzzi
Griso Ghetto

Individual Threads
Remove Tip Over Sensor & Secondary Air Guzzi Tech Forum

Guzzi Notes

Parts & Impressions

This Old Tractor (manuals)


Online Parts Lookup Chrome should translate automatically

UFI Oil Filter 25.531.00
K&N Performance Air Filter AL-4506

Brake Bleeder (AF1)

Highway Pegs

Spare Starter Relay $12 bucks. Part # AP8224462
The Relay is the front one under the right hand side panel you hear it operate but contacts fail,. It only operates the starter motor , The other similar relay under the right side panel controls the fuel pump ETC .

GIVI Accessories (all)
Kappa Accessories (all)
Hepco & Becker (all)

Adv Touring Products eGlides

Terry’s Custom Seats (Website) Facebook & Pictures (ADV)

Cool Covers aka Seat CoversStainless Valve Cover Bolts (better than OEM bolts)

Barkbusters Hand Guards Jet/VPS/Storm/Carbon covers (apparently do NOT work with OEM heated grips, see post #21)

Aprilia Caponord Handguards B044836 (left) B044835 (right)

GIVI Handguard Extensions

Isotta Handguard Extensions

Bar Risers from Rocky Mountain ATV Order the 15mm ( .6 inches) for 1 -1/8″ bars.

Oxford Heated Grips (product page) ADV Picture of Connecters (right side neck)
Oxford Heated Grip Install (Wild Guzzi Forum)
Koso Apollo Heated Grips (Review) various retailers

3D Widget to aid with installation of different Heated Grips

Molex Connector & Pins (needed to connect to OEM heated grip wiring)
Molex Connecters (Amazon)

Suspension/Hugger/Front Fender & Accessories

Shock Factory from France FaceBook Group (lower shock available)

Matris (front fork cartridge/monoshock)

Wilbers Shocks (Front & Rear & Lowered)

Hyperpro (Front & Rear & Lowered)

Shock Sox

Front Low Fender
From a stock 2016 USA Aprilia Caponord Rally p/n 2B0024475

Some owners have installed the OEM Fork Guards over the Capanord Rally Fender
It uses the same fixing holes however use M5 x 25mm black flange allen screws and washers to bolt the existing fork covers back on.

Mark Antsey Prints Colour Matched Decals for the Caponord Fender (working on pannier decals now)

Pyramid Plastics Fender Extender part #057173 that fits the Caponord fender.

Pyramid Plastics Front Fender


Cleaning/Lubing the Rear Shock (You Tube Link) Italian

Exhausts/“Y“ Pipe/“Cat“ Delete

Mass Moto Exhausts “Y” Pipes With Cat & Without Cat
Mistral Exhaust &“Y“ pipe (Italy)


GIVI & Kappa TankLock Rings
Kappa Bf46k
Givi BF46

Bumot Luggage/Racks

Handlebar Bags by Wunderlich
MotoPocket By Adventure Pocket

Change the OEM Lock Cores by OtterChaos
Modifying the Lock Cores By Grinnin
Note for Owners of the OEM URBAN Panniers by stokeral



Secdem Windshields (Custom Height Available over 57cm)

GPS/Accessory Mount (eGlide)

Puig Shield (Modified BMW Mount) by Pbro63

Windshield Adjustment Knobs by XT Traveler (Amazon)

Laminar Lip Works with OEM Touring Shield (Tall Shield ONLY)


Bart Tubeless

Convert V85 Rims to Tubeless

Adhesive „Dots“ for spoke nipples Google Link purchase the 1/2″ version

Avon Trailrider Tire Review

Chaparral Motorsports Adv Tire Video Review

OEM Tube Sizes by OtterChaos

Apparently Moto Guzzi has stopped Supplying „hubs“ to both Alpina & Kineo as of Nov 2020. If this changes please let me know & Links will be „Active“ again

Alpina Tubeless Spoked Rims
Kineo V85 TT Rims

Guzzi Diagnostics

Program Download
OBD Code Reader & Blue tooth Adapter
Read regarding the OBD code Reader
Moto Guzzi Diagnostics Free ProgramGuzzi Resources
OtterChaos Guzzi Diagnostics Post (very Helpful)

Dealers For Parts

Cadre Cycle
Carpi Moto Italy
MG Cycle
GT Motocycles

ADV Rider Maintenance Posts/Threads

Gear Box/Transmission Oil Change

Torque Values 1 & 2 by Maddog62

Rear Wheel Removal & This One by OtterChaos

Seat Cable Release „Fix“ by Maddog62

Windshield Adjuster

LED Light install by OtterChaos

Perfect Squeeze Cell Holder (Vendors) & Install by OtterChaos

Air Filter Access

Valve Help

Underseat USB Connection by McGoff

Tank Removal & Disconnecting the Fuel Line & Hose Removal Pliers

Final Drive Leak Source

Engine Guard Comparison by DesertPilot

MIA Mini Review by KRGaijin

Filling the Gearbox & Final Drive by OtterChaos (Amazon/E-Bay for the Syringe)

Lighter Battery Information by Pbro63

Tubeless Tire Conversion & Tiger 800 Thread
3M 4412N is 2.0mm thick 2″ wide once around for the rear,

Denali Soundbomb Split Dual Tone Air Horn Install by Jayell

3M 4411N is 1.0mm thick 1 1/2″ wide, twice around for the front.
Tubeless conversion Adv Post with picture
Right Angle Tire Valve

Heated Grips Info on ADV & Tank removal for access to plug for heated grips

5 Tricks to Rescue a Stuck Motorcycle (Ryan @ Fortnine)

V85 Toolkit

30mm nut up front, 26mm nut in back (available from AF1)
Will also need a 10mm allen wrench to remove back wheel
5mm allen to loosen the front axle pinch bolts.

This is MY Toolkit; adjust as necessary for YOUR needs

Inmate Vendors (Stuff that may be of use for V85 TT Owners)

Navigation Mounting Bracket from Gimpo Garage (I like mine)
Dirt Napper (Self Rescue Tool)
Trail Stand (Portable Jack Stand)
Covid Rider (Decals)
Slatin Motogear (Clothes & Electronics)
1 & 2 Liter Fuel Containers
Warm N Safe Heated Gear (inmate STeveST1300)
Quad Colour Dakar Stickers (Night_Wolf)
Reflective Oval Mini State/Provincial Decals (Night_Wolf)

Beeline Moto GPS
Convert motorcycle lift to Lift Table
===================================================Guzzi Fan (Plenty of Information on the V85)
Guzzi Girls